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Regardless if your business is small or large, having an Employee of the Month award program is an important part of your team efforts to create a positive work environment.  Recognizing an individual for going above and beyond in their position, has many benefits:  

  • Improving employee morale, loyalty and retention

  • Increasing levels of employee engagement

  • Promoting your company's values and culture

  • Providing timely recognition of outstanding employees


Sometimes, you're faced with a variety of people worthy of being recognized, so how do you recognize everyone?  You sign-up to participate in the Courtesy Awards!


Each day, week, month, encourage your customers or employees to nominate those who have gone the extra mile in your business.  Have them fax us their nomination or fill out the online form.  Monthly award celebrations are held for small to medium sized businesses (private/onsite celebrations for large businesses), at which those nominated will be recognized.  


All nominations are tracked, so at the end of the program year, each nominee (and their guests) are invited to attend  the annual Courtesy Awards luncheon in October.  Special recognition is given to those nominees that are recognized multiple times over the course of the program year.


In addition to your employee being recognized by their employer, peers, and family, each name will be published on this website, in social media and in your community's publications.  Not only will the general public know that you have great employees but they will naturally gravitate to your business so they too get excellence in customer service.  It's WIN:WIN for everyone!


Why do we use purple?

  • Purple suggests wealth and extravagance

  • Purple enhances spiritual pursuits and enlightenment

  • Purple denotes a high quality or superior product

  • Purple connects with sophistication and power


The messages the color sends to consumers can have a major impact on business success!


The psychology of the color purple for customer service excellence is simple ... we all strive to go above and beyond for our customers and clients, it's how we stay in business.


Premium customer service and premium products/services go hand-in-hand.


Even if your logo or marketing materials don't use the color purple, get a purple tie or scarf ... you'll be delighted when your clients comment - it's a great ice breaker to start a meeting or sales presentation.


For more on the psychology of the color purple and other colors, click here 


Remember to wear purple when attending a

Courtesy Awards celebration!